Massage Therapy Price List

Give back to the community by providing discounted treatments for over 65 and those that work within the services.

Over 65

You will not pay more than $70 for any of your treatments at Hands on Therapy

Ambulance, Fire, Police

You will receive 20% off Therapeutic Protocols

Price List

Therapeutic Protocols

$110 per hour

Allow 90 minutes for your first session this time covers the health assessment and any pre or post treatment functional assessments, and your agreed treatment plan.

Do not worry your massage session will be at least 60 minutes long and it will only cost $110 for the 90 minutes.

Pregnancy Massage

one hour $90

If you are in your second trimester then you are able to have a pregnancy massage. Why in your second trimester? Purely to ensure that it is safe for mother and baby there is no current research that suggests massage is dangerous in the first trimester however, if any problems arise during pregnancy such as miscarriage this is most likely to happen within the first trimester.

Please give me a call if you have any concerns or questions regarding pregnancy massage.

Sports Massage

30 minutes $50

This package is designed for one area of the body for example: the back and focusing on the lower back or anterior and posterior legs as a combination depending on what you have been doing.

Lymphatic Massage

one hour $80

This treatment package is designed as a full body pick me up to assist the body to activate and cleanse the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage promotes wellbeing through stimulating the immune system to reduce the frequency of infections such as colds and flu. This form of gentle treatment is perfect for reducing pain caused through arthritic conditions.

Heal your Soul Head to Toe

one and a half hours $150

This treatment is designed as part therapeutic treatment if needed and let’s face it there are always areas that need a little extra work when it comes to massage treatment. The other part is pure stress relieving bliss that will help you unwind and feel much better. In this treatment you will get a full body massage head to toe ending with neck and head massage at a pressure that you are comfortable with.

If this is your first time at Hands on Therapy please allow some time to fill in the health questionnaire.

Sports Massage

one hour $90

This is for the athlete, the weekend warrior and the people who are out there doing it! This includes dancing or working it at the gym. If you have no complaints about your musculo-skeletal system then this is the pick me up for you. You will receive a fast paced massage (depending on your sport) the will be target shoulders, back, front and back of legs or any area you would like worked on.

If you have a problem area we can discuss therapeutics, taping, or Rife to get you back to it. Sports massage does not have to be painful it should be beneficial and energizing which in turn will get you out there performing at your best.


30 minutes $40

Cupping can be incorporated with other treatments if you want or as a standalone treatment. After the cups are removed the area is then flushed with a mixture of relaxing and fast strokes to soothe the area.

Taping or Strapping


This method is ideal if you are carrying a strain or pain or suffering a condition such as plantar fasciitis or you are training a lot and just want some extra support to reduce the risk of injury. There are two types of tapes one is Kinesiology tape which is known as K tape or rigid tape which is more suitable for firmer support to an injury.

Massage and Rife Packages

Stress Buster

one and a half hours $130

This treatment package is designed to target the nervous system to calm you and relieve stress symptoms through the calming frequencies on the Rife machine and a one hour soothing massage.

Calm and Soothe

one hour $80

A calming frequency on Rife, then a soothing massage to relieve nervousness and anxiety.

Ease Fibromyalgia

one and a half hours $140

Sometimes when you suffer a chronic pain condition such as Fibromyalgia touch is too much therefore, Rife resonant frequencies can help relieve your pain and symptoms of Fibromyalgia as this is a pain free treatment. This package also includes a very light soothing massage.

Revive and Rejuvenate

one hour $80

The package includes energy frequencies from the Rife machine and a faster paced reviving massage to help you feel great.

Lymphatic and Detox

one and a half hours $140

Give your lymphatic system a kick and stimulate and detox your system, this is a Rife frequency and massage combination to eliminate toxins and to perk up your lymphatic drainage process.

Pain Reduction

one hour $90

If you are suffering from a chronic pain disorder or you have an injury come and try Rife frequencies to help you through this time Rife and massage.

Sport it up

Muscle Tonic

one hour $80

If you are just starting out with physical activities either sports, dancing or walking or what ever you are doing and you are finding it a bit tough, then this is the package for you. Rife frequencies for tired sore muscles and then a massage designed to flush and soothe those muscles.

Muscle Relax

one hour $80

This package is for the athlete that is in the maintenance phase of their training, this is a combination of massage and Rife frequencies designed as a healing time to soothe and treat those hypertonic muscles and shift those hydrogen ions that create lactic acid build up to encourage healing for best performance.

Tape it/Strap it and Zap it

one hour $75

If it is being taped or strapped you probably need some extra TLC, this package is a combination of strapping with K tape or rigid tape depending on your requirements and Rife frequencies for pain or faster healing to get you back out there.